Friday, April 7, 2017

Week of the Mundane (April 5th)

What a weird week. First you are down, then a few minutes later such good falls and you are thanking the heavens, then back down- sore right back up...all week. I am hoping to end on a high note.

First, some willow branch wreaths. I would like to add more to them, and after the wind storm today, I don't think that will be an issue.
Soon to be decorated and hung on the front door, propped in a wheel barrow...decorating on the cheap.
Speaking of cheap...
The print was cut from one of my old (beat up/un needed) art books. Re-purposed mat, and a metal frame found in a free pile. My mom was with me at said pile and as I picked up the frame I got a "What would you use that for?" "Well Missy you just wait and see!"I said. I like this print, I think it was one of the main reasons why I hung onto the book so long.

Another free pile - a beautiful table lamp was scored. Pictures to follow.

I stopped at the discount grocery for some eggs at 3 dozen for 99¢. Now these eggs break my rule (I can't afford gentle farmed meat anymore, so I hold out by buying gentle farmed eggs) - but with $10 left in the grocery budget for the month of April and 4 eggs in the fridge, I put my scruples aside. I never have seen eggs this cheap, so I will go on it was a one time thing at a moment where I could really benefit. (And if you are muttering - whatever lets you sleep at night - I haven't been sleeping well - I doubt it is from that - but it might be a small, small reason). As I was leaving with my possibly guilt laded eggs, there was a cart of free strawberries. This place usually has a cart of free produce - that would serve as chicken food - so I usually walk on by - but that day I felt compelled to look - sure enough there were a few boxes that were in use/freeze that day condition, so I picked up a box (and froze).

Minor infractions this week included - a buggered knee trying out a new exercise, 2 loaves of the flattest English muffin bread (baked on 2 different nights) so  is it the yeast (that froths well) or did my bread machine call it quits? A bean soup made from scratch that wasn't edible and a grumpy digestive system because apparently I can no longer treat my body like a tent with food - so back to feeding it as a temple. On the plus side, the smell of fryer grease is a total turnoff since Saturday.

Until next time, have an apple a day. It's a good thing.


  1. Very nice wreaths! And print. I have given up on gentle and organic foods! In fact, I stopped buying the $5/doz eggs this past week and now pay 99 cents. It is just hard to justify. Your eggs were really a good price! I'm sure you were frustrated over your muffin breads not rising. I get a day like that 50% of the time! ha. It just happens. Same with everything I seem to do, but mostly cooking/baking. Must not be your yeast if it froths. Hopefully not your bread machine either! I messed up baked (from dry northern beans) beans this week. I am going to go back to basic meat and potatoes for a while (and a canned veggie..ha) Hugs, Andrea

    1. So it isn't just me. Your pictures always make me hungry! I go through these spells and they sure stink when they roll around. The Mister told me to take the rest of the week off from cooking - so PB&Js it is! Oh I had such a soap box for gentle farmed until I realized it was impossible to maintain - even with once a week meat. Right now a 1lb chicken sells for $10 in our area. And it isn't even cooked (ha!). I live in the heart of farm country so I can't imagine what prices are elsewhere.
      Keep your fingers crossed - I opted for the cheapest test route and bought a packet of yeast. Results to follow!

  2. Free things are so much fun! Sorry can't help you on the bread not rising problem, I'm not the bread baker in our family, but when I did, I remember having mixed results with English muffin bread. Sometimes I could use it as a doorstop. My loyalty lies with providing for my son after Ran and I are gone, so I refuse to worry about the ethics of gently farmed animals, sorry. But you already know that I'm a flawed person. We get our eggs free from our son or down the road at a farm. The chickens seem happy enough.


  3. I have to agree with you Jane, I need to make sure we can hire good help to take care of us in our elder age. So I am flawed right with you. I was only holding onto the free range eggs mostly because they were purchased from a small farmer that I was buying fro anyway. I bet they are happy chickens. That's wonderful you have family who raise chickens. I someday hope to.
    You say you aren't much help with baking, but it was your post on making English muffins and checking the internal temp while toasting, that has led to successful cooked English muffins in this house :)
    Hugs, Jen

  4. Sounds like some great freebies! That is an amazing price on eggs. My hens are producing crazily, and I expect that's the case elsewhere. We've had some serious winds here too. Your willow wreaths are lovely!