Monday, May 8, 2017

And here we are in May

Do you ever have a thought that you cannot hold onto for more than a quick minute? That has been majority of my thinking for the past few weeks.

Funnier, is it is happening to everyone around me. The Mister, my rock, he's my back up "remember to do this" go to and his blank face of late is thankfully adorable to look at. My friend, I think she started a story 4 times and I still don't know the ending. Sad is, I know the story is unfinished - but what the story is about... *crickets*
Not complaining - just observing. 

Bless wrote a post on making a goal list. And it was a well thought out goal plan. A light bulb went off, my footsteps lighter.  I've been staring at a blank page since then. I'll get there - most likely June 2nd. HA!

I made a list for today - here's hoping I do not misplace it.

I also found a small unfinished cross stitch - if I can finish before Sunday, sew to front of a blank card to give to my beautiful mother. She loves Ginkgo trees, and I think I started this years ago for the same reason. It had gotten lost in my office desk.

As frustrated as I feel - oh do I love counting blessings. What a lift as I try to remember why I walked into a particular room.

I got to pick the first of the salad greens from my little garden today. I will roast a potato to dice up to have a salad tomorrow. And Jane (if you're reading) - you were right - the potatoes I planted for early harvest are finally popping out a little. It won't be an early harvest, but there will be potatoes!

Life is wonderful! Until next time, remind a loved one of something.


  1. How wonderful that you will be having potatoes! Your salad looks so good! I used to walk into a room and totally forget what I was doing. My forgetfulness ended up being from low thyroid (hypothyroidism). (Also this type of thing can pop up later when you are my age and go through "the change"!) Your mom will love the cross stitch! Hugs, Andrea

  2. If you think that losing track of your thoughts is bad now, just wait until you get older, Jen! Ha! I excuse it as being distracted and multi-tasking, wouldn't want to admit it's just old age.Glad to read your potatoes are up and growing!


    1. Hiya Jane! I really thought the potatoes rotted over the winter but I thought keep the faith because of your post. I can't wait to have the time to can some! This getting older is for the birds (I should look to see where that expression came from). Thank goodness for multiple lists. Hope all is well and warm over in your neck of the woods. Hugs, Jen

  3. Ha, ha, I have to write down everything, otherwise I forget! Or, I'd be doing one thing, get distracted by another and then, forget what I was doing! I am sure you'll remember your goals and write them down, eventually. Ask yourself what you want to achieve and how. :)

  4. I too have to write everything down. I have a big whiteboard that I write down all I have to do for the day and check things off as they get finished. On one corner of that same board holds my list of things that must be done, but don't have to be done right away like trim the apple tree and things like that. I have also been known to write things there like "2 bay leaves" in big bold letters so I remember to take them out of the split pea soup that I am making and not forget and pulverise them with the immersion blender. Have you ever eaten bay leaves? Even in small bits they are hard and scratch your throat on the way down. Yep, made that mistake once and will never do it again. ;)

  5. That's a sweet bit of stitchery. Lists keep me on track, even if I don't look at them every day. Hooray for your salad greens and potatoes! Your pic has inspired me to make waldorf salad today. I'm glad to be catching up here.

  6. Hi! Hope you are doing well. I am back to blogging! hugs,Andrea (new blog address).